Thursday, November 18, 2010

Healthy Family Rules

Healthy Family Rules – session 3

To survive in a family you have to follow the rules. But, you must also let people know when you are upset by those rules, and suggest what might help you feel less upset. Communicating with your family may not always be easy. Here are some examples of rules for healthy family communication.

  1. Ask for help.
  2. Talk about your hopes and dreams.
  3. Express anger at your parents.
  4. Seek acknowledgement or recognition for work.
  5. Ask for emotional support.
  6. Show that you have been hurt.
  7. Show your emotional pain.
  8. Talk about your sexual needs or feelings.
  9. Notice or comment on mistakes or problems.
  10. Voice disagreement or bring conflicts into the open.
  11. Directly express your anger at other family members.
  12. Express fears and anxieties.
  13. Show affection.
  14. Ask for attention.

    If it is okay to do any or all of these, you and your family will have a greater degree of success in communicating.

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